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龙之翼返利网|牛粪发酵Since cao cao had pay nighthawk, lyu3 bu4 arranged in the central plains of the nighthawk suffered a big loss, but the nightingale only responsible for intelligence gathering, and daily transactions are rich nobles, someone to shield, has not been too much loss, intelligence system is perfect, only cao cao after a lesson, nighthawk want to spreading some difficulties.Liu bei refused to take orders, and jiangdong's army and horses have not even a shadow till now. Only cao cao attacked all the way. What is this? If he cao cao can tidy up lyu3 bu4, that even the alliance has a fart to use, as to how to shu in the war, cao cao never worried about, then would not be the somebody else give in, after all, intones difficult line, milan, though faint, but those are a few people, as long as deny lyu3 bu4, shu dynasty that lyu3 bu4 want into shu is a word - difficult!"But it would be nice to have a more complete ballista." Ma all smiled: "only by this car, some things are difficult to restore."

"What do you think of cloud chang and han sheng?" Liu bei rode with guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao in the camp of princes, looking at cao junrong and quietly asked."Although the tetrarch field will not give to anyone, but as long as the son Joe willing, the changs can enjoy the benefit of the many other aspects, such as direct trade in the western regions, perhaps Qiao Xiong unclear, who had great feats of official family's caravan, above all the official protection can not only enjoy the silk road, and there are ten years to enjoy twenty percent business tax treatment, but also can sell official goods." Fashi smiled.Clever soldiers immediately picked up their shields and began to block the arrows of gao shunjun. Sure enough, though the shields were wooden, they were so strong that even gao shun's single-shot crossbows could not penetrate them.龙之翼返利网|Thanks to these years, lu bu and gao shun made great efforts to reinforce the checkpoints around luoyang, which would have collapsed under such a fierce attack and defense.

龙之翼返利网|"Well!" Dejong a wave of his hand, dozens of vehicles for up to two zhangs, also has a wide of a post, the ballista is out, although it was ballista, but ballista ahead, has set up a barrier, in addition to the arrow holes, other places are obstructed by baffle, cannot see picture on the opposite side, several successive crossbow car out, will jingzhou army was wrapped in."Ask him in." Zhang song wen yan stood up, he would like to see who is playing the devil.

"Is it helpful to our military industry?" Lyu3 bu4 curiously way."Reinforcements." Gao shun deadpan way: "the Lord from the western region of the summoned, leaving the generals, will be closed officers and men replaced."'stop it all! At this time, ye county in the rest of the garrison also found the situation here, a horse rushed up, looking at a few women to pick up the ford, the first captain frowning way: "you and others, how dare to kill here! ?"龙之翼返利网|





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