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欧宝蕾|香港进口报关"Shut up!" LanZhan before still soft face, but now has put on a cold solemn expression, looked at the direction of the door, bit his lips, sink a track: "You personally go to Kirby can tribe, tell him, temuzhen is not as easy to control as imagined, if you can, kill him!""Take these women and sheep and cattle, and go home!" Begging FuGe Yang haughty dry cloud loudly way, this battle, although damaged some soldiers, but the goods are quite abundant, didn't expect the huns, such a short time, plundered so much wealth, now, all cheap them.Everyone smell speech, can't help but draw a breath of cool, if that's the case, eighty thousand troops I'm afraid will not fight since the rout.

"Gentlemen, lombardi is defeated, but the force has not cut too much, now station troops YangWu, still into the pressure, such as the alternative?" Cao cao rubbed his eyebrows, looked at them."Roar roar roar ~" A group of huns issued a roar of excitement, under the command of lyu3 bu4, divided into three strands, back and forth, don't give he cadre left people gathered together."Why..." Zhaoyun blankly looked at pang tong, since lyu3 bu4 has prepared the way for the family, why the family is still opposed to lyu3 bu4.欧宝蕾|"Patriarch, that huns sent for us to hand over the huns slaves." He cadre fall, the patriarch is enjoying the soft body of the maid, an inappropriate voice outside the tent.

欧宝蕾|"Aren't you afraid I'll come with a great army of frost to avenge you?" LanZhan looked at lyu3 bu4, some don't believe.Pang Tongshun, depressed shut up, well, I don't say is, you two these messy things, I just don't bother."That 's a question of knowledge, isn' t it?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way, in the hands of the action is not stopped.

"Wen-chang! Wen-chang, General Wen-chang, help me!" Chen xingben has been desperate, at the moment see bearer rate army to kill, his face suddenly showed the excitement of the rest of his life, hurriedly rode in the direction of wei yan, with the remnants of the soldiers killed in the past.Cao Caowen speech in the heart, also can't continue to enjoy the praise of the people, hurriedly took the letter, spread out on the table, at a glance at the past, eyes also gradually become dignified.欧宝蕾|





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