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天珠变燃文|厦门电子脚回收"No." Meng da hurriedly handed over his hand and said, "the sovereign is greatly praised."The ares crossbow has a range of 400 paces, but because it takes too much time to reload and is a single shot, it is not as good as a broken crossbow, so it is on the verge of becoming obsolete."Law, is not as simple as you think, the first to have enough power to ensure the implementation of the law, liu zhang is doing now, but also to help the Lord of the public front station, shake the position of the family, such as our army into shu, shu is really the realization of the legal day. Fashi smiled.

Liu bei refused to take orders, and jiangdong's army and horses have not even a shadow till now. Only cao cao attacked all the way. What is this? If he cao cao can tidy up lyu3 bu4, that even the alliance has a fart to use, as to how to shu in the war, cao cao never worried about, then would not be the somebody else give in, after all, intones difficult line, milan, though faint, but those are a few people, as long as deny lyu3 bu4, shu dynasty that lyu3 bu4 want into shu is a word - difficult!The next day, cao cao began to attack tiger prison pass. Different from liu bei's trial, after half a month's harassment of gao shun, both cao cao and his generals held their breath in their chest.After shield car, crossbows were carried out, by three hundred bed behind shield car change forward, it is a long arrow falls, many JianCu nailed on the shield car directly, the shield also has a flap over the car, to protect the soldiers, sharp JianCu wasn't able to break through the defense shield car, array just to rally after jun before issued a burst of cheers.天珠变燃文|Already prepared jiangdong will be quickly to crossbow hukou soldiers shot, caught off guard, the registered permanent residence of the garrison can not see how many people on the other side, was the other one shot disorderly.

天珠变燃文|"The bow strikes back! Target, enemy back!""Thirty thousand?" < / p > < p > law is smell yan smiled, shook his head: "really did not see, when the thirty thousand army really belong to liu zhang?The acrid liquid, which I do not know what it was, burst into flames as it caught fire, and spread very quickly. For a moment, dozens of crossbows were enveloped in flames, and thick black rock filled the air almost instantaneously.

"Please help me." Cao cao nodded.Zhou yu could not describe how he felt when he saw the fading light in the city of yangcheng. How cautious should zhuge liang be? Even though he had seen through zhuge liang's stratagem, zhou yu could only sigh that he had met a wrong opponent. He could not help thinking that cao cao and lv bu had succeeded."Shubi, lost, lost, do not give me back!" Ms is face a change, and complete to drink, I would forward to give back, waltman skill is not weak, the old guy waltman to conveniently blocked shots were each other, each other to be serious now, ms don't feel this silly nephew can really stop down, if the heart of this old man moved to kill, it is be valued by his sons and nephews this I'm afraid this will be stated here.天珠变燃文|




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