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网络红人韩老板|财经道理财产品Although Jinyang is the state capital, But the bing military forces are almost all in high dry and zhang he, the eight hundred military forces, also just used to maintain public order, even county soldiers are not, never seen what battle, what's more, lyu3 bu4 majesty, no one in the world can out of its right, and itself is bing people, if you really insist on playing, baobuqi will be chopped by his men."Master!" Ma Dai hurriedly stepped forward, hand way: "elder brother this battle has not slackened a bit, but we misestimate the strength of the enemy, failed to break the enemy as promised, still hope master mercy.""Lombardi can't quickly eliminate jun, for our army, is a big opportunity, when early deployment." Giffin thoughtfully, lyu3 bu4 now outside, don't say if anyone can mobilize military forces, even if can, giffin also won't touch the bomb, military power, this is a very sensitive thing, accidentally can blow himself up.

"Sit down, Mr. Han." Daesh said with a new and resolute expression, for this famous man from the Han Dynasty, He was quite fond of it, And with the help of Han Sui, Daesh was able to feel clearly that he had more than one level of control over his tribe than he had in the past, Now, the western xianbei hundreds of tribes, with the help of Korea hence, the former big tribes were even destroyed with dozen differentiation, its military forces were unconsciously under the new master of Daxi, although the total did not improve, or even cut, but the strength, twisted into a string of western xianbei than in the past is stronger than more than a grade."Why?" Is preparing to return to his tent lyu3 bu4 suddenly stopped, eyes fell on a woman who came face to face."Wait, hang after them for a while, and then go back to the tribe to see Stephen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the chaos of the crowd gradually began to scatter in several directions, Corner of his mouth flashed a cruel smile, begging for the fu tribe is the western xianbei big tribe, begging for the fu tribe a death, its originally belong to begging for the fu tribe of those small and medium tribes will certainly disorderly for a while, and then is annexed by several other big tribes, also calculate indirectly weaken the western xianbei war potential.网络红人韩老板|"No, the king's court, its master decision, d, ma dai, Ma Tie listen to order!" Giffin shook his head.

网络红人韩老板|"Hurry, press down, and knock down their ladder!" Forget it, Zhang he angrily commanded the soldiers will just head off the slave soldiers, Just these slave soldiers although chest no war intention, but is fierce not afraid to die, after coming up, some not desperate to attack the soldiers around, more is like the soldier just now, strange call zhang he don't understand, toward a group of people open their hands.Honestly, in the head of the forecast, even if lyu3 bu4 won't want the king's court of all military power, will also have to go ten thousand, five thousand people, this is the head of the head did not think about."Let this flood bring this prairie back to its original form!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the direction of the Yinfeng Gorge, There was a spirit of pride in his chest, As long as the western Xianbei and Wang Ting military forces into the Yinfeng Gorge area, This battle, the whole xianbei elite will be lost, the most important thing is that the two largest forces will disappear in this battle, xu rong, d soldiers into jin lianchuan, never break the new road of daxi, since then, decades or even hundreds of years, lyu3 bu4 under the land no longer have to worry about the threat from the grasslands.

"Ha ha ha ha ~" Xu togeher looked angrily at lombardi, nodded and said: "Well, don't bother all the soldiers to start, I go, I hope the beginning of the future think of today, don't regret it!" Say that finish, flick sleeves and go."Bold cao thief, dare to hurt my soldiers!" In the desperation of chen xing, a burst of drinking, a team suddenly fight, the first will, eight feet tall, such as jujube, hand a thick back machete waving with a heavy sharp screaming sound, suddenly will coss army rushed away.网络红人韩老板|




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