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赵子阳简历疤顿Around QinBing less and less, cao peng play is also more and more urgent, wei yan is still calm to deal with cao peng more and more fierce attacks, after 30, with the last QinWei issued a desperate scream, drowned in the crowd, cao peng momentum suddenly vent."Yes." Giffin nodded, now is the time to develop people's livelihood, whether moved to the people or the original guanzhong people, there is war-weary mood, if will burn to the guanzhong, lyu3 bu4 governance is extremely adverse.After a few days of trimming, Korea hence again to the north county and stability county a lead soldiers, this time, Korea hence will mainly concentrate on the north county side, for zhang liao, seibel, Korea hence can safely use qiang people and don't have to worry about their defection.

"Thirty is six."Although it is now spring, but the northwest is still not warm, such a bubble in the river, even if not killed on the spot, I'm afraid also can't get to Hanoi.Cao Peng smell speech, look a hermit, naive scratching his head: "Who would have thought that Wei Yan but lyu3 bu4 under a member of the unknown generals, unexpectedly have such ability."赵子阳简历"Marten is so careless?" Lyu3 bu4 frown will stationery aside, looked at the giffin way: "d now alone difficult to support, and Taiwan in the name of the general mansion to mobilize seibel, zhang liao out of town north county do very well, let him do, should pay, priority supply, but there is a point to tell the public, must not be introduced into the guanzhong war."

赵子阳简历"Three days ago!" Liu Meng muffled back to 1, then no longer pay attention to Korea hence, hailed his tribal warriors quickly tidy up, ready to reinstate the king's court."Yes!" D sneer at a way: "If you really have this ability, is to listen to you? But need to establish a warrant!"

A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?""Lyu3 bu4?" D suddenly feel all over trembling, It's not fear, but excitement, From the first time I heard the name of lyu3 bu4, he imagined that one day, to be on the battlefield with this man who claims to be the strongest in the world, To a battle between men, win the title of the world's first, although die without regret, at the sight of lyu3 bu4 for a moment, d feel his whole body blood boiling, he and the man he admired world war I, with the weapons in his hand to express his reverence, this is d bone recognized practice, is also the habit of qiang people.Chapter 55 Fraud (2)赵子阳简历




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