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经典恐怖小说|山东博汇集团有限公司"But bluff!" Guan Yu frowned and thought about it. He looked in the direction of the harbor. He sneered, "You will bring a military force to the harbor. If the thieves come to attack, shoot them with bows and arrows."The fierce battle with Wei Yan led the guanzhong elite from the flank, Zhang fei heart couldn't help but sink, because the two sides now glued together, wei yan didn't order the arrow, but began to cruise on one side, to zhang fei's forces form pressure, some sober veterans have begun to want to retreat, but more people are still fighting with the enemy."Ah?" A group of generals smell speech can not help some hair, puzzled look to zhuge liang, the situation is a good, how to withdraw troops suddenly?

"This …" Wei Yan frowned. "Will Zhuge Liang come out?""Men, even if it is death, also want to die on the way to charge, with me to kill!" Guan yu struggling to mention the dragon crescent moon knife, roared, the first to fight, behind, less than five hundred soldiers at the moment has burst out of amazing courage, with the arrow rain, toward jiangdong soldiers launched a counter-charge.经典恐怖小说|At this moment, a roar in the distance caused the attention of zhang fei, twist a head to look at, is to see the pretty soldiers suddenly crazy general collapsed into the woods, and wei yan is organized to start shooting those fleeing pretty soldiers.

经典恐怖小说|Zhuge Liang did not answer. It was a long time before he opened his eyes, looked at them, shook his head and said, "Tell General Yide to prepare to withdraw his troops."It seems that fighting back to its earliest stages, After entering range, Archers on both sides began firing arrows at each other's camps, Ice-cold arrow cluster skimmed the emptiness, overwhelming fall, and blocked by rattan shield, someone in the arrow fell to the ground, screaming and rolling, around the soldiers but indifferent to walk past, without the slightest pity, see the elite crossbow formed in the clearance of the arrow array, this pure bow and arrow at this time, let a person some not to lift up."Taishi Ziyi!?" Guan yu suddenly looked back, is to see tardif in hundreds of steps away from the place bow and arrow, is an arrow shot, sideways a hide, to avoid each other's arrow cluster, was about to scold, but heard a cry in the array, followed by the original siege soldiers like the tide of retreat.

"At the end of the day!" He qi and zhou taiwen speech, hurriedly step forward."Here!" A group of people slightly bent down, after a gift to lyu3 bu4, under the leadership of the next person to eat in the back hall.The order was passed on, Soldiers of the armed forces tightened the string also finally relaxed, The next morning, in lu su whole equipment station, ready to meet guan yu's new round of attack, opposite the camp is quiet, there is no sign of troops, sent scouts to check, guan yu camp is not empty camp, even smoke is rising as usual, methodical fire cooking, no offensive meaning.经典恐怖小说|




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